Gi1 Laser Safety Glasses, 757 Gunmetal Gray Frame

Material: Glass (Clear)

900-925nm (OD4)
925-1000nm (OD5)
1000-1025nm (OD6)
1025-1400nm (OD7)
1400-2400nm (OD5)
2770-10,600nm (OD4)
10,600nm (OD5)



757G.Gi1 Laser Safety Glasses

900-925 DIR LB4
925-1000 DIR LB5
1000-1025 DIR LB6
1025-1400 D LB6 + IR LB7
1400-2400 DI LB5 + R LB3Y
2770-10600 DI LB4 INVO CE

Our new 757 sport frame is a wrap-around, lightweight frame. The 757 frame is available in most laser and IPL protective lens options. The 757 provides the user with a comfortable, secure fitting, and adjustable frame. The nose pad also offers an adjustable and lightweight feel.


  • Bendable temples
  • Adjustable/bendable nose bridge
  • Multiple frame colors available


Laser Type: Diode (940-980nm), Nd:YAG, Ho:YAG, Holmium, CO2, Erbium, Er:YAG, Er:YSGG, Fractional



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